Obama Can Speak, Like Good

July 14, 2009

Hey friends. Watched Obama’s speech in Ghana this morning. The dude can speak. Ok, I knew you knew this already, but dang. Ok so it’s a little sketchy on the video side but it was worth watching for me.




July 14, 2009

So I became a member of Red today. It’s pretty good stuff. I was already a member of One, and yesterday I went to the Gap and bought a cute t-shirt and noticed when I was looking at it that it was from the organization Red. Curiously I checked it out and then went back and bought it. When I went home I thought that I’d check out more info and was startled to hear about the nature of problem in Africa over AIDS. I guess when you get more interested in the world and less caught up in your own bullshit, it get’s more interested in you too.




Rocks in Your Head and James Brown

July 13, 2009

I used to work at a great record store called Rocks in Your Head. It was in Soho and had been there since the 70’s but unfortunately like many record stores it is no longer around. It was a pretty amazing place to work and I got turned on to a ton of new music there. This little basement store was literally so packed full of music records, tapes, cds, books, movies, posters, stickers, magazines etc, that if they ever took all of the stuff out it seemed like the building would collapse. There were some real musical treasures to be found in Rocks, a lot of which, were behind the counter and not even available to the public. One of my greatest finds there was a bunch of old VHS tapes stuffed in a cubby hole behind the counter. I started watching the tapes and found out that they were bootlegs of some amazing concerts. My favorite one out of the bunch was a James Brown concert. I must have watched this concert 30 or 40 times, it was the best live show I had ever seen. I never knew the context of the concert other than what I was able to discern from watching it so many times. Last year a documentary came out called The Night James Brown Saved Boston and I realized magnitude of this concert I had watched dozens of times. Here is a brief description of the DVD, “The night after Martin Luther King was assassinated in April 1968, James Brown, self-proclaimed Godfather of Soul, performed a legendary concert in Boston. While more than a hundred other cities around America burned, in a nationwide outpouring of rage among the black community, Boston was spared a similar fate, thanks to Brown’s performance, a symbolic ambassadorship for calm.” Above is a video of the concert.

Jamie Jones-Summertime

July 8, 2009

I can’t stop listening to this song! You can get it here.

Screaming Females

July 7, 2009

I went to a Jay Retard show a few days back. They had played on the same shows we DJed in South America last month and I really liked them. Anyhow I went early and saw a band called The Screaming Females who were pretty awesome. I really liked the singer, she had an amazing stage presence, was a great singer and shredded on guitar. Above is a mini documentary on them. Enjoy. V

Judee Sill

July 6, 2009

So I became a Catholic this year. It’s been fun. I go to church and sing with other people, I like that part. Anyhow, here is a record I found with the help of reading an interview on Pitchfork with the dude from Hercules and Love Affair. It’s a spiritual record of sorts, and one of the first things I’ve listened to new in a while that seems really fresh to me. I also signed up for something called Lala, you can listen to the whole record for free once if you like.



In Defense Of Food

July 6, 2009

Just read a really interesting book about food. Something I have been thinking about a lot lately. I found out that processed sugar wasn’t so good for you and also that I ate a lot of it. So I stopped eating it for a couple months now and I am feeling a lot better. It wasn’t easy, but so far I have replaced a lot of those calories by eating a bunch of fruits, which I never had the desire to eat so much of before. Anyhow, saw this book on the flight down to DJ with Gabe at a festival in Houston for fourth of July. The guy next to me, Howard, on the plane was reading it. A really nice old guy from San Antonio. He told me that it was an easy read, it get’s easier at the end, and I found that to be true. I read the whole thing in basically a 24 hour period, although I can do that sometimes, especially on a long plane flight. I like reading more than watching movies, although on this flight there were not any. It makes me want to start growing plants in my yard, and has got me thinking of stopping not only processed sugar, but processed carbs as well. Although the first thing that comes to mind is pizza, which is a regular snack for me. We’ll see what happens.

John Maus

July 4, 2009

Went to the Upset the Rhythm showcase last night at Monster Island in Brooklyn. It was a really good line up of acts including Soft Circle, Silk Flowers, John Maus and others. It was also really crowded and a total sweatbox and they weren’t letting anymore people in. I did make it in towards the end and caught the John Maus set which was pretty awesome. Basically it was him singing over his own tracks but he did it with such total abandon and intensity that it really worked. It probably also helped that I’m a big fan of his music and he played some of my favorite songs. Above is a video for a song called Tenebrae off of the excellent Love is Real album on Upset the Rhythm.

Night Marching

July 1, 2009

Good day brothers and sisters. A glorious one. So full of beauty and promise… Now on to the night. Ok, yeah, so back when I was a wee lad in high school I was smitten by a band called Rocket From the Crypt, who were the coolest thing on wheels back in the day. I even wore some pomade in my hair when I moved to San Fran and that’s kinda another story, anyway, me and my three Rocket T-shirts really loved this band. They had just released Circa Now! and I was totally stoked, beyond belief. I would go to Off The Record in Hillcrest and hope to hell that they would have a new Speedo and Company product. I even once wrote the esteemed man a letter and he had the nerve to write me back about not playing enough pinball and being on tour too much (what a concept!). I’m pretty sure this gave me enough confidence to start playing guitar, with a Rocket sticker that he included on it for good measure. Yes sir, I went straight to Guitar Center and my parents bought me a Gun Metal Blue Stratocaster instead of including me in their going to Europe plans for the summer. What the heck did I care anyhow??? I was going to take over the world, with my shorts on. The Night Marchers are Speedo’s new band with another guy from San Diego called Gar Wood who was really nice to me when I was in Carpet. All these guys were pretty dang cool actually.

Love and Peace


Dirty Projectors Video

June 30, 2009

I like this song. I like all the different elements. I like llamas.