Night Marching

July 1, 2009

Good day brothers and sisters. A glorious one. So full of beauty and promise… Now on to the night. Ok, yeah, so back when I was a wee lad in high school I was smitten by a band called Rocket From the Crypt, who were the coolest thing on wheels back in the day. I even wore some pomade in my hair when I moved to San Fran and that’s kinda another story, anyway, me and my three Rocket T-shirts really loved this band. They had just released Circa Now! and I was totally stoked, beyond belief. I would go to Off The Record in Hillcrest and hope to hell that they would have a new Speedo and Company product. I even once wrote the esteemed man a letter and he had the nerve to write me back about not playing enough pinball and being on tour too much (what a concept!). I’m pretty sure this gave me enough confidence to start playing guitar, with a Rocket sticker that he included on it for good measure. Yes sir, I went straight to Guitar Center and my parents bought me a Gun Metal Blue Stratocaster instead of including me in their going to Europe plans for the summer. What the heck did I care anyhow??? I was going to take over the world, with my shorts on. The Night Marchers are Speedo’s new band with another guy from San Diego called Gar Wood who was really nice to me when I was in Carpet. All these guys were pretty dang cool actually.

Love and Peace



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